Next-generation Hyundai Palisade to go hybrid in 2025 – report

Hyundai is borrowing a page out of Toyota’s playbook, reportedly telling industry sources it plans to offer a hybrid version of every passenger car and SUV it sells within the next two years.

The next-generation Hyundai Palisade due in 2025 will be offered the option of hybrid power, according to reports out of South Korea.

Hyundai is said to be following Toyota’s lead and electrifying its passenger-vehicle line-up, with all models to be offered with a hybrid option in the coming years – and the next Palisade will be one of the last to do so when it debuts in 2025.

According to South Korean news outlet Chosun Biz, Hyundai expects to begin on-road testing of the second-generation Palisade – codenamed ‘LX3’ – in the second half of 2023, with production scheduled to begin in January 2025, pending any delays.

As reported by Drive in August 2022, the current-generation Hyundai Palisade won’t be offered with hybrid technology.

South Korean media claims the Palisade will drop its 2.2-litre turbo-diesel engine, and instead a new 2.5-litre petrol-hybrid will be developed.

It will reportedly be offered alongside a 3.5-litre turbocharged V6 – a step down in capacity, but up in turbocharging compared to the 3.8-litre non-turbo petrol V6 in the current model.

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ET News reports Hyundai will sell the Palisade with two types of hybrid power – suggesting the SUV could offer a traditional Toyota-style hybrid alongside a plug-in hybrid system, as found in the Santa Fe and Tucson overseas.

The strategy means the Palisade would cater to buyers looking for petrol power – with or without hybrid technology – while the similarly-sized Hyundai Ioniq 7 due next year will target those wanting electric propulsion.

But while Toyota argues hybrid vehicles will be needed long into the future to help reduce tailpipe emissions – as many SUV, ute and 4WD buyers are not yet able to make the switch to electric power – Hyundai believes hybrids are a short-term stepping-stone towards the full adoption of electric vehicles.

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