Learner driver discovers how to roll dad’s car

A learner driver has discovered the hard way how a pothole can ruin your day.

The video shows a father-son duo driving along a suburban road in the US state of Indiana before turning right to avoid a busy intersection.

After listening to instructions from his dad, the driver took a minor detour through a parking lot before preparing to rejoin a street at the other end.

As the driver approaches the intersection, we can see a large pothole, which other cars appear to avoid.

Upon making the right turn, the dad comments “there’s a big hole right there”, and then yells as the car leans into the large hole.

The car then appears to veer to the right, and up an unfinished retaining wall, causing the car the flip onto its side.

Both passengers appear to be ok, but after a few seconds the father begins to complain about neck pain.

The video ends before emergency services arrive, and it’s unclear how the driver and his father escaped the vehicle.

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