Is it illegal to stop on a pedestrian crossing or a children’s crossing?

If you’ve driven anywhere where people exist, you’ll know that there are moments when you might find yourself stuck because of the traffic around you. 

It is illegal to halt your progress on a dedicated crossingFines apply – and they can be heftyIt’s also illegal to stop at a children’s crossing or proceed before those crossing have left 

Indeed, if you’re like me, you may have even ended up inadvertently halted while traversing a pedestrian or children’s crossing. And while it is embarrassing to have to mouth “sorry” and wave indignantly to passers-by, if you were to be in that situation while a police officer was nearby, you could find yourself in trouble, not just blushing from the awkwardness of the moment. 

That’s because it is illegal to stop a vehicle on a pedestrian crossing or a children’s crossing – and the penalties can be quite severe.

The national model Road Rules 2014 outline this under 128A, but additional penalties may apply. 

Below, we have outlined the potential ramifications if you were caught doing this act in each of the different jurisdictions across Australia. 

New South Wales

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