Is it illegal to drive without number plate lights?

Being seen while driving at night is vital. But did you know that, as well as having headlights and tail-lights, you are required to have your rear number plates illuminated while driving at night?

Your car must have a rear number plate lightIf the light isn’t working, you could face fines and demerit pointsRules vary by jurisdiction

If you don’t you could be fined and you may even be hit with a licence-hurting demerit point penalty.

Rear number plate lights are required per the Australian Vehicle Standards Rules, which state that: 

At least one number plate light must be fitted to the rear of a vehicle.When on, the number plate light or lights must illuminate a number plate on the rear of the vehicle with white light, so the characters on the number plate can be read at night 20 metres from the rear of the vehicle.A number plate light: may be combined with another light;must not project white light to the rear of the vehicle except by reflection; andmust not obscure the characters on the number plate; andmust be wired to come on, and stay on, when a parking light, headlight or tail light on the vehicle is on.

Seems fair enough and the nat

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