Hyundai Santa Cruz and IONIQ 5 Named Finalists for 2022 North American Truck and Utility of the Year™

The 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz and IONIQ 5 electric vehicle were named finalists for the 2022 North American Truck and Utility of the Year™ by the North American automotive media jury.

The Santa Cruz is the first Hyundai model named a finalist for the Truck category. The winners for these two categories will be announced in January 2022.

Hyundai Santa Cruz and IONIQ 5

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, with its bold styling, breaks open all new segment territory, both for Hyundai and the industry. Open-bed flexibility coupled with closed-cabin security meets the changing everyday needs of its adventure-oriented buyers, while powerful and efficient engines and superb maneuverability ensure it is a pleasure to drive in urban or off-road environments.

Santa Cruz was developed to be the ultimate Sport Adventure Vehicle, a moniker confirmed in Hyundai’s early consumer research. It features a secure, open bed which includes a lockable tonneau cover and hidden bed storage. Customers also value the secure utility of this SUV, with its comfort, passenger space, fuel efficiency and parking ease. Santa Cruz, with its unique, bold design, created an entirely new segment that meets these buyer needs like no vehicle before it.


IONIQ 5 is the first model from Hyundai’s new IONIQ brand dedicated to EVs. It is based on the Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) developed by Hyundai Motor Group specifically for electric vehicles. E-GMP enables IONIQ 5 to have unique proportions with an elongated wheelbase.

IONIQ 5 offers all-wheel or rear-wheel drive. Depending on the configuration, Hyundai’s midsize CUV achieves a system output of up to 272 kW and offers a maximum driving range of 300 miles on a single charge. It features 800-volt technology, which allows the battery to charge from 10 to 80% of its capacity within 18 minutes. In addition, the model’s Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) function can freely charge any electrical equipment, such as notebook computers or e-scooters.

North American Car, Utility and Truck Vehicle Awards

The 2022 North American Car, Utility, and Truck of the Year jury is made up of an independent panel of top journalists and analysts based in the United States and Canada. Since 1994, the organization has recognized top cars, trucks, and utility vehicles. This year’s jury of 54 media outlets includes legacy newspapers, magazine experts, broadcast veterans, digital columnists, and freelance media.

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