Google Street View car crashes during police chase in the US

A Google Street View mapping car reportedly sped away from police at more than 160km/h during a pursuit in the US.

A Google Street View mapping vehicle has crashed through a backyard and landed in a creek after allegedly leading police on a high-speed pursuit in the US.

Speeds reportedly topped “well over” 160km/h during the bizarre incident, with footage showing the tech-loaded SUV swerving between traffic and running red lights before losing control.

It’s unclear if interactive 360-degree images were captured of the frantic dash and swampy waterway.

Indiana police say the Honda HR-V SUV failed to pull over in the town of Middletown about 5:00pm on 31 July 2023.

After racing past a high school, the vehicle allegedly attempted a daring maneuver to avoid a closed bridge and lost control. About 20 kilometres were covered.

“It dr

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