Dozens of MG Cyberster electric roadsters spied at factory

Mass production of the electric MG Cyberster convertible is underway, with dozens of completed cars shown waiting for transport in new photos.

Photos shared on social media platform X (formally known as Twitter) show production of the 2024 MG Cyberster electric roadster is ramping up.

The images show a fleet of Cybersters – the first all-new sports car from MG in three decades, and its first under Chinese ownership – undergoing inspection and transportation in a large holding yard at a vehicle factory.

The exact location is not stipulated, but it is assumed that the Cyberster – seen here mostly in red, grey and ‘Bullet Silver’ – will be built at parent company SAIC’s Ningde factory, where the MG 4 electric hatch and MG 5 petrol sedan are also built.

The cars can be seen sporting two different wheel designs, and confirm the Lamborghini-style ‘scissor’ doors have indeed made it to the final production car.

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MG Cyberster mass production & truck pics.

Mass production of the MG Cyberster has truly started. Earlier, we saw photos of the first cars at MG dealers in China. Today, we have pics of a factory facility.

The first pic shows at least a dozen brand new Cyberster roadsters…

— Tycho de Feijter (@TychodeFeijter) September 18, 2023

The Cyberster was unveiled at the recent 2023 Shanghai motor show and is expected to be launched in its domestic Chinese market in early 2024.

As noted in the social media post, many MG dealers in China have already received cars for display, so these cars may be destined for more dealerships to help with the pre-sales process, which begins on 26 September 2023 in China.

The MG Cyberster has been confirmed from Australian showrooms by the end of next year.

Final Australian pricing and details are still to come, however it may become the first $100,000 MG ever sold locally.

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