Could the new Mitsubishi Triton get a turbo-diesel V6?

The new, sixth-generation Mitsubishi Triton was recently unveiled in Thailand exclusively with four-cylinder power, but the company hasn’t ruled out the possibility of introducing a larger V6 turbo-diesel engine.

Speaking with CarExpert, Mitsubishi Motors chief product specialist Yoshiki Masuda said the new ute should theoretically be capable of fitting a larger engine.

“It depends on the V6. We increased the track including the distance of the ladder frame, and also the axle mass capacity is significant,” said Masuda-san.

“So maybe [it] should be compatible with a bigger engine, like a V6, if possible.”

When asked if Mitsubishi has tested a larger V6 engine in the Triton, Masuda-san responded with “not yet”.

Mitsubishi has never offered a V6 turbo-diesel engine in the Triton locally. A 3.5-litre naturally aspirated V6 petrol engine was offered locally up until 2009 in fourth-generation guise.

Within the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, Nissan last offered a V6 turbo-diesel engine locally in the second-generation Navara in 2014.

Mercedes-Benz also offered a different V6 turbo-diesel in th

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