Commodore driver ding dong ditches in hooning fail

Hoons in a Holden VX Commodore have been caught on a Ring security camera crashing into a front yard after ineptly powersliding around a corner.

In footage published by Dash Cam Owners Australia, we can see the Holden, after a misjudged corner, spin out of control and crash into a fence in Hoppers Crossing, Victoria.

The occupant of the house rushes out to give them a serve, but the driver quickly reverses and tears out of there, smoking the rear tyres once again.

“Car lost it and ploughed through the fence. Missed the house thankfully,” the home occupant told Dash Cam Owners Australia.

“Driver had no intention of stopping, and was actively fleeing, while both he and his passenger hid their faces and avoided eye contact with me, even before my tirade.”

It appears in the crash the Holden lost its front bumper and therefore its number plate. Provided the car isn’t stolen, it should therefore be pretty easy to track down the hoons.

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