Citroën C5 X: The best of Citroën for physical and mental well-being

A worthy successor to the Citroën grand tourers, Citroën C5 X channels all the brand’s expertise to offer the driver and passengers a completely stress-free journey.

The ultra-comfort suspension and comfortable seats provide the pleasure of flexible and light driving that is so important to Citroën, while guaranteeing good road-holding. Inside the passenger compartment, there is a warm, elegant, spacious and comfortable atmosphere that immediately creates a sense of well-being and invites you to travel.

“At Citroën, well-being is primarily about the feeling you get from smooth and seamless driving. It is also expressed through the shapes, volumes, colours and materials used in the passenger compartment, that provide that feeling of travelling in a protective cocoon.” Jean-Arthur Madelaine, Head of Citroën Interior Style.


Roominess was one of Citroën’s main concerns when designing C5 X. In the front, the uncluttered horizontal dashboard provides a vast and open living space. The generous and welcoming space in the back offers rest and relaxation. The XXL leg room, comfortable width and generous headroom ensure that the rear passengers are seated comfortably and can enjoy their journey. Particular attention has been paid to the comfort of the rear right-hand passenger, with controls for forward and backward adjustment and tilt of the front passenger seat within easy reach on the side of the front backrest.

C5 X is fully aligned with the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, offering Advanced Comfort Seats in the front and rear. This innovative system involves a high-density sheet and 15mm thicker foam.

Citroën Advanced Comfort® seats provide visual comfort with their special padding and instantly noticeable seating comfort with their welcoming foam with an inflating effect, as well as dynamic comfort provided by the textured foam on their surface and elastic cover and, finally, ergonomic comfort thanks to multiple electric adjustments (forward and backwards, backrest, height, tilt and lumbar), both for the driver and front passenger.

The driver’s seat also offers a welcoming feature when entering the vehicle, as the seat automatically moves back for easier access, before returning to the stored driving position. The front seats are fitted with height and depth adjustable head-rests for greater comfort. They can also be heated, ventilated and massaging. The Advanced Comfort seats therefore offer a feeling of well-being to both front and rear passengers.

The passenger compartment also contains a very large number of carefully-deigned storage compartments for placing or storing away all those little everyday items. These include a wide, deep glove compartment facing the front passenger, a storage compartment under the front central armrest with gull-wing opening, another in front of the centre console fitted with a shutter and including wireless charging for smartphones, an open storage space in front of the central armrest, cup-holders in the centre console and in the armrest of the rear seat, generous door pockets with non-slip mats, and even seatback pockets in the back of the front seats.

A total of 13 practical and clever storage spaces offering a total volume of 29 litres, make life on board easier for passengers.

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Citroën C5 X


“My job is to provide all passengers with a unique Citroën experience.  Every detail in the C5 X passenger compartment is important.” Jean-Arthur Madelaine

When passengers first enter C5 X, their immediate feeling is one of comfort and serenity. As customers then familiarise themselves with the car, they gradually discover small details that create new enchantment with every journey.

The chevrons, a strong marker of the brand’s identity since its creation in 1919, are presented in numerous unique and refined details: in the form of a 3D grain on the dashboard panel, superimposed on the wood-effect decoration, the stylised, continuous stitching featured on the top of the backrests and on the door panel insets, screen-printed on the strips across the top of the backrests, engraved on the main controls (air-conditioning knobs, automatic gearbox lever and radio controls), in the form of oversized chevrons on the bottom of the storage compartments, as well as the perforations of the leather seats.

The passenger compartment is also decorated with touches of glossy black and satin chrome, reinforcing the refinement of the colours and materials used. All contact areas are soft and yielding, from the dashboard to the thermo-sealed door panel strips, centre console flaps, and generously covered insets and armrests for cushioned contact with knees and elbows.


“Whether on business trips or personal journeys, everything in C5 X has been designed to make on-board life easier and lighten the mental load on driver and passengers.” Jean-Arthur Madelaine.


C5 X is equipped as standard with Citroën Advanced Comfort suspension, a Citroën innovation which, by filtering out all obstacles, from potholes and ditches to speed bumps and other road unevenness, ensures a smooth journey, as if you were on a “flying carpet”. A simple and efficient double hydraulic cushion technology, making the flying carpet effect, which is so important to Citroën, more widely available.

The plug-in hybrid version of C5 X takes comfort even further with Citroën active Advanced Comfort® suspension, offering continuous active control over the suspension. C5 X offers maximum comfort to its occupants at all times, thanks to sensors that analyse the road and a computer that determines the firmness of the suspension settings for each wheel. Active suspension control reinforces the work efficiency of the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® by releasing the suspension more while driving to fly over the road, while reducing body roll and guaranteeing body support when carrying heavy loads. This technology therefore offers softness while also ensuring on-board comfort.


“The very generous amount of light on board the C5 X expands the space and makes the atmosphere even more welcoming. The glass belt around the car is also an invitation to enjoy the outside world while being protected from noise pollution thanks to the very good soundproofing of the passenger compartment.” Jean-Arthur Madelaine

Brightness on board the C5 X is enhanced by the 360-degree windows around the car, including rear quarter panel windows, large glass sunroof. White ambient lighting with adjustable intensity highlights the interior and emphasises the sleek, floating appearance of the equipment. The storage compartments are also illuminated – glove box, boot and centre console compartment – as well as the controls for opening the doors and the foot wells. The tall, clear panelling further enhances the lightness of the relaxing interior.

To further enhance on-board comfort and make travelling in the C5 X as relaxing as possible, particular attention has been paid to acoustics, with acoustic laminated front and rear windows providing exceptional insulation from outside noise. C5 X therefore offers the best acoustic comfort in its category.

C5 X goes even further with its plug-in hybrid version, allowing passengers to enjoy the pleasure of setting off and driving silently in 100% electric mode. C5 X Hybrid allows the majority of daily journeys (up to 55km) to be made in electric mode, while offering the benefit of ë-comfort with a smooth and silent drive.


In order to reduce the driver’s mental load and ensure safe driving, the C5 X’s dashboard offers simple, intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. The central area of the dashboard contains a wide 12-inch touchscreen, offering an exceptional user experience, with high-definition screen readability, user-friendliness and ease of use. As well as the 7-inch digital display, the extended Head-Up Display in front of the driver projects important driving information onto the windscreen, to ensure the driver’s eyes stay on the road at all times. The sense of safety is also reinforced by an infotainment system with natural voice recognition, allowing the driver to interact easily and naturally with the vehicle.

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