Chinese off-roaders are getting tougher – check out this GWM Ute

The GWM Tank 300 is off to a strong start in Australia, and could be followed by more rugged, Tank-badged SUVs. Among all this Tank chatter, however, we shouldn’t forget the humble GWM Ute Cannon, its place in the market and its continuing success here and overseas.

Like the Tank 300, the Ute Cannon has been well-received overseas and we are seeing a growing number of collaborative offshoots sprouting from Chinese aftermarket manufacturers.

Working directly with GWM, aftermarket pioneers like Yunliang 4×4 and TopFire have developed mutually beneficial relationships.

These firms supply an extensive range of aftermarket accessories, have them fitted by the vehicle manufacturer at their factory, and then partner with them to market and sell the modified vehicles using their own established and popular social media platforms.

The dual-cab 4×4 ute market in Australia is a phenomenon. During the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) of 2008, it was the dual-cab 4×4 market

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