Chery Omoda 5 prices increase in Australia after three months on sale

Returned Chinese car maker Chery has moved to nationwide drive-away pricing – but increased prices by up to $1000 in the process.

Chinese car maker Chery – which returned to Australia three months ago after an eight-year absence – has already increased prices for its sole model, the 2023 Chery Omoda 5 small SUV, nationwide by up to $1000.

The Chery Omoda 5 price increases have come with a move to nationwide drive-away pricing from June 1.

It replaces the previous system with drive-away prices that varied based on differing government charges in each state and territory, which had been in place since local deliveries began in March.

However – even though Chery now absorbs the differences in government costs between states – buyers in all regions will face a price rise, including Victoria, who paid the highest prices under the previous system.

“Following our launch, we have adjusted our pricing and moved to a nationwide drive-away pricing for June,” Andrew Haurissa, Chery Australia deputy marketing director, said in a media statement to Drive.

When asked to elaborate on the price rises – and confirm if there have been any changes in standard features – Drive was told: “As like many other brands, we are constantly reviewing our pricing in this current climate.”

The entry-level Omoda 5 BX is now priced from $32,990 drive-away nationally – up from $31,990 to $32,690 drive-away previously, an increase of $300 to $100.

The better-equipped Omoda 5 EX now costs $35,990 drive-away nationally, up between $100 and $800 from previous pricing of $35,190 to $35,890 drive-away.

Chery’s website says the new prices apply to cars “sold from 01 June 2023 to 30 June 2023”. A Chery Australia spokesperson would not confirm if the new prices would apply beyond this month.

A table showing old and new prices for the 2023 Chery Omoda 5 is below.

VariantNSWQueenslandSATasmaniaVictoriaWAACTNTOmoda 5 BX old price$32,190$32,190$32,290$32,390$32,690$32,390$31,990$32,190Omoda 5 BX new price$32,990$32,990$32,990$32,990$32,990$32,990$32,990$32,990Omoda 5 BX change$800$800$700$600$300$600$1000$800Omoda 5 EX old price$35,490$35,490$35,490$35,590$35,890$35,690$35,190$35,390Omoda 5 EX new price$35,990$35,990$35,990$35,990$35,990$35,990$35,990$35,990Omoda 5 EX change$500$500$500$400$100$300$800$600

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