2024 Toyota Prado three-door ‘shorty’ imagined

The return of a short-wheelbase LandCruiser Prado could compete against the Land Rover Defender 90, and also be the spiritual successor to the much-loved FJ Cruiser.

The next-generation Toyota LandCruiser Prado seven-seat wagon – which is due to arrive in Australia by the middle of 2024 – has sparked speculation about what a short-wheelbase three-door version might look like.

And with the help of Photoshop guru Theophilus Chin (Theottle), we’ve now got a better idea thanks to these computer-generated images.

With it’s boxy shape and retro-inspired design, our imagination has been running wild with what else the next-generation Prado might have in store for us.

First, it was the Prado Ute. But now, we are thinking about the possible triumphant return of the short-wheelbase Pr

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