2023 Kia Seltos GT-Line 1.6T AWD review

The Kia Seltos is one of Australia’s most popular compact SUVs for a number of reasons.

Despite being a relatively new nameplate in an competitive segment (it only launched in 2019), its combination of value for money, interior practicality, range of choice, and Kia’s seven-year warrant make for an attractive package.

The industry is moving as fast as ever though, with new competitors popping up almost weekly at this point.

China has been gunning for the value end of the market, a patch Kia has long dominated. MG and GWM have brought more affordable rivals in the ZST and Jolion respectively that have quickly gained traction in the Australian market – the MG is now Australia’s favourite compact SUV.

The competition is even heating up within the Hyundai Group stable. Kia’s Korean parent recently launched an all-new

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